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Isolated Handwritten Telugu Character Dataset

This dataset contains approx 270 samples of each of 166 Telugu "characters" written by native Telugu writers. The data was collected using Acecad Digimemo electronic clipboard devices using the Digimemo-DCT application.  The data is in standard UNIPEN format.

An offline version of the data is also available in the form of bi-level TIFF images, generated from the online data using simple piecewise linear interpolation with a constant thickening factor applied.

The data is available only for research use.

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  • Elastic Matching of Online Handwritten Tamil and Telugu Scripts Using Local Features, Prashanth L., Jagadeesh Babu V., Raghunath Sharma R., Prabhakara Rao G.V., Dinesh Mandalapu, 9th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2007), Curitiba, Brazil, Sept 23-26, 2007


Downloading the dataset implies that you have understood and accepted the terms of the license agreement.


Complete dataset containing approximately 270 samples per character.


Subset of approx 170 samples/char that may be used as the training set.


Subset of approx 60 samples/char that may be used as the test set.


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