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External resources for the HWR researcher or enthusiast !  If you have resources to add to this page, please contact us.

Handwriting Datasets

Dataset name Language/Script Units Source
UNIPEN Collection train_r01_v07 English/Roman Paragraphs, Words, Characters Intl. Unipen Foundation
Unipen-ICROW-03 benchmark set English/Roman Words Intl. Unipen Foundation
IRONOFF Dual Handwriting Database French/Roman Words, Characters IRESTE, Univ of Nantes
Japanese Character Database Japanese/Kanji Characters Nakagawa Labaratory, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology
HP Labs India Indic Handwriting Datasets Multiple Indic Languages & Scripts Words, Characters Pen & HW Group, HP Labs India
ISI Bangla Character Database Bangla/Bangla Numerals, Simple Characters CVPR Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Competitions and Benchmarks

Organizations and Research Groups



  • International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR)
  • International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR)
  • Most Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning conferences (e.g. ICPR)


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