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Lipi Recognizers are ready-to-use "black box" recognizers for standard character sets that are meant for users interested in integrating handwriting recognition into an application. Created using the Core Toolkit, these recognizers are not meant to represent the state of the art in recognition technology, but rather provided for the purpose of creating interesting new applications.

Note: Alphanumeric Recognizer is already bundled with Lipi Toolkit.

Indic Character Recognizers

The Indic  Character Recognizer  package contains a set of recognizers for base characters and matras (vowel diacritics) from various Indic scripts:

  • Devnagari consonants and Matras
  • Tamil consonants and Matras
  • Telugu consonants and Matras
  • Bangla consonants

Supported platforms: Windows and Linux
Latest version: 4.0.0  (compatible with LipiTk 4.0)
More details:  User Manual



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