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Lipi Toolkit

Lipi Toolkit is available in two flavors - PC (Windows and Linux) and Android.

Lipi Toolkit  consists of  the following components:

  • Core Toolkit is a set of algorithms that can be used for the creation and evaluation of recognizers for isolated shapes such as handwritten gestures and characters.
  • Lipi Designer is a Java based application which provides a GUI for creating, loading, training and packaging projects. (part of PC version only)
  • Alphanumeric Character Recognizer is a shape recognizer for English uppercase characters, lowercase characters and numerals that can be readily integrated into client applications.
LipiTk for PC

Supported platforms: Windows and Linux
Latest version: 4.0.0
More details: Release Notes | Getting Started

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LipiTk for Android

Supported platforms: Android
Latest version: 4.0.1
More details: Release Notes | User Manual

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